Frequently Asked Questions

What's the series about?

Well... lots of things. It's a bit difficult to describe, because while we have a strong overarching plot, the individual episodes tend to be diverse. A little into the series the characters will begin to make use of realm travel, so the setting and story types will change often and drastically.

Overall it's a fantasy-genre love story. The same way that Homer's Odyssey is a love story. Less romance, more cyclops, sirens, cannibals, ghosts, and magic.

How often will books be released?

Our schedule right now is about once every four months. Since we're just launching this series, we'll have to see how well that works. We'll be announcing our release date on a per-book basis.

How do you co-write these books?

Our general process starts with the idea. Christian tends to be a little more dexterous at brain-storming, and he's great at judging story ideas and shaping them into something interesting. He's the main writer behind Gideon Flynn.

We write the first draft together, alternating paragraphs. We have 'Eliza characters', 'Christian characters', and characters that we can both write and share as needed. We write our first drafts one paragraph after the other. Naturally, there's a lot of consistency issues once we're done.

Eliza's specialty is plot structure and theory, intrigue, and characterization. Once the first draft is finished, she'll work with Christian to critique the bones; she spots composition problems, he figures out how to fix them. Sometimes. It's really a joint process.

Once the 'bones' feel good, Christian takes passes to embellish his characters' thoughts and actions so Eliza can embellish on them. Then Eliza comes through and rewrites and revises the entire manuscript for consistency.

Once that's done with and we're happy with the story, it goes out to friends and test readers, combed for typos and any last surface changes. Eliza handles the print and electronic formatting. So far she's also been painting the covers herself, writing the back copy, and is in charge of building and maintaining this website, as well as the book's promotion.