About the series

Christian and Eliza started writing this story as a form of entertainment sometime around 2009 or 2010. That original manuscript is now long enough to contain over forty novellas, and it isn't even finished yet! We like to think of it as our brainstorming project.

To start with, we'll be releasing a short book about once every four months. While it may seem like the series will meander and focus on side characters from time to time, the main cast remain constant.

While The Forever Series is a fantasy about love and immortality, each book is going to be a little different, and very little of it is romance.

Think of it like the tv-series of fantasy sagas-- it's made of short installments that update frequently, but while there is an overarching plot and the main characters reappear in almost every book, each episode will be different. No Scooby-Doo formulas, no Nancy Drew reruns.

Also, we promise pirates, zombies, ninjas, demons, goloms, robots, demigods, seers, bounty hunters, vampires, assassins, dragons, sea monsters, airships, shapeshifters...

Stick around.