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#1: Painted


The Forever Series, book 1

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Paperback: $7.50
Pages: 137 (paperback)
Genre: fantasy, intrigue, romance

"If you choose to fight, then you must choose to win."

Wyrren Jadis had once been heir to a duchy, and for an afternoon she had been queen of Marla. Now she is an exile and a scholar, living on the charity of Sebastian del Torlo: ruler of Hael Malstrom and her unrequited love.

Wyrren doesn't know why anyone would be able to threaten Sebastian in his own palace, but when she sees a guest attack him during a private meeting without recompense, she's determined to find out why.


Coming February 2012!

#2: Marlan Ice

Marlan Ice

The Forever Series, book 2

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Paperback: $7.50
Pages: 0 (paperback)
Genre: fantasy, journey

Wyrren is more than ready to put her past behind her. Unfortunately, the King de Marla doesn't seem to feel the same. He's offering a fortune to see her dead.


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