• The Forever Series

    How far would you go for love?

The Forever Series

An epic fantasy series of love and immortality.

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We do this because as readers ourselves, it's important to us that people discover fiction that they can be enthusiastic about. The book we're offering is the first of a series of fantasy novellas (books about a hundred pages long) for readers age 16+. There's no trick ending, no cliffhanger. You can find the next books in the series in our shop-- each ebook is a dollar. We also sell printed books, if you'd like a solid copy.

Book 1: Painted


The Forever Series, book 1

"If you choose to fight, then you must choose to win."

Wyrren Jadis had once been heir to a duchy, and for an afternoon she had been queen of Marla. Now she is an exile and a scholar, living on the charity of Grand Meister Sebastian del Torlo: ruler of Hael Malstrom and her unrequited love.

Wyrren doesn’t know why anyone would be able to threaten Sebastian in his own palace, but when she sees a guest attack him during a private meeting without recompense, she’s determined to find out why.

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Book 2: Marlan Ice

Coming Soon!

Marlan Ice

The Forever Series, book 2

Wyrren is more than ready to put her past behind her. Unfortunately, the King de Marla doesn't seem to feel the same. He's offering a fortune to see her dead.

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About The Forever Series

While The Forever Series is a fantasy about love and immortality, each book is going to be a little different, and very little of it is romance.

Think of it like the tv-series of fantasy sagas-- it's made of short installments that update frequently, but while there is an overarching plot and the main characters reappear in almost every book, each episode will be different. No Scooby-Doo formulas, no Nancy Drew reruns.

I have always loved stories that defied conventions.

Stories that moved. Stories that grew and changed with time, where each episode is completely different from the next. So that's what we wrote. Romances and horrors, comedies and tragedies, great adventures and quiet things to ponder. Genres shift, characters change. Nothing stays the same.